About Us

A website can become a real labyrinth of information. So that does not happen, I have taken the easiest way. Because if something comes from the heart, you can rarely get lost. Making one’s own hobbies available to a large audience was one of the most important steps. Since the websites are getting more demanding, I wanted to work against it. And what can I say, it worked. In a short time, I managed to attract many visitors. And even if I sell nothing, but just present, it’s great fun.

Great are the reactions, as far as my posts are concerned. What I could only share with others in a personal way is now possible online without any detours. The site is also available around the clock. So, it always seems like I can pursue my hobby without a break. Because even if I’m not busy with it, I can report it. I think that everyone follows my passion, who also has a heart for the same hobby. Because connecting passions. No matter what age.